OGA Communicator
November 2021
President . . . . . . . .David A. McIntyre and Lady Donna
Deputy President . . . Gary Farrant and Lady Betsy
1st Vice President. . . Phil Scott and Lady Sharon
2nd Vice President . . Ron Wyatt and Lady Kathy
Sergeant of Arms . . . H. Jeffery Shaw and Lady Pam
Sentinel . . . . . . . Dave Korb and Lady Kelly
Chaplain . . . . . . . Edward Ross
Secretary. . . . . . . . James (Ed) White and Lady Bonnie
Junior Past President. George T. Gittins and Lady Sue
Supreme Council MOVPER 430 Beecher Rd. Gahanna, OH. 43230-1719 614-933-9193
OGA Website = www.ohiogrottoassociation.org
Presidents Message:
First of all I would like to thank Past President George and his Lady Sue for a wonderful time at the August
convention in Pittsburgh. I would also like to thank all the people who helped out with the installation, especially Grand Monarch Jim Drake and the Daughters of Mokanna Chorus. This was such a special event for me and my family. Installation time is here please send me your dates. I would like to attend as many as possible. January is filling up fast. Before you know it February will be here.
Please plan on attending the February Conference in Mansfield hosted by Baku Grotto, the 4th through the 6th, 2022, Information will be posted on the web site and Facebook once the information becomes available.
We will be holding a Full Form Ceremonial on Friday of the February Conference. If you would like to be a part of the cast let me or one of our officers know. We also need candidates.
Until we meet again,

David A. McIntyre, PM, SCDD
OGA President

Deputy President:
Gary Farrant, PM, SCDD
OGA Deputy President

First Vice:
Phil Scott, PM, SCDD
1st VP OGA

Second Vice:
Hello from your 2nd Vice President. As I start writing this article it came to me that my journey on the O.G.A. line is half over! But then my mind went to how much fun I’ve had so far and how much I’m looking forward to the fun that’s yet to come.
I was able to travel to P.G.A. convention October 15th-147th in Morgantown, Pa.
We had an awesome time with old friends and even more fun making new ones!
I encourage everyone that can to attend as much as you can and you’ll see just what fun and fellowship we all have. I would like to invite everyone to the February conference 4-5-6 hosted by Baku Grotto in Mansfield, Ohio. Let’s all support our President and make his year one to remember.
Yours in Good Fellowship,
Ron Wyatt, PM, SCDD,
2nd VP OGA

Secretary’s Message:

Greeting Prophets. Thanks to Past President George Gittins and Lady Sue along with Islam Grotto for a wonderful August Convention. Congrats to all new OGA officers and let’s get out and support them. President David McIntyre has a lot planned for his year. Dues notices have been sent out and most Grottoes have responded. Please plan on attending the February Conference in Mansfield February. President has a full form ceremonial planned. Don’t forget to send your Man Miles and Road Runner information to Martin R. Trent 4267 S Xenia Dr. Enon, Ohio 45323-1648. or email standrews619@yahoo.com. Any questions I can be reached at email ed_white 35@yahoo.com.

Yours in Good Fellowship,
Ed White, PM,
OGA Secretary
Sergeant of Arms:
It appears that Grotto attendance is picking up as I travel to the various Grottoes in the OGA. I have
received the majority of installation dates and will send an update to all Secretaries close to the end of
November (hopefully right before Thanksgiving.)
The information we can share is only as good as what we receive and I’m sure several officers would love to
attend your grotto events.
Listing of dates at end of news letter.
H. Jeffery Shaw, PM, SCDD


Dave Korb PM,
OGA Sentinel

Here’s Jeff’s installation dates;
12-2-2021 Ben Bey
12-3-2021 Baku
12-8-2021 Nazir
12-9-2021 Kam Ram
12-10-2021 El Rey
12-11-2021 Singara
12-16-2021 Kismet
12-18-2021 Khana Shahar/ Ormus joint at Khana Shahar Grottoes
1-3-2022 Yusef Khan
1-8-2022 Amrou
1-8-2022 Ali Baba
1-12-2022 Oola Khan
1-15-2022 Al Sirat
1-15-2022 Islam
1-19-2022 O-Ton-Ta-La
1-24-2022 Caliph
1-29-2022 Achbar